Creating Account

Why should I create a Shop Account?

There are many reasons for creating a account!
Firstly, it’s makes your SqwishLand shopping experience much
more convenient. When placing orders you won’t need to enter in all
your contact information every time a purchase is made.
Having an account also allows you to track your orders with ease.
If you ever for some reason need to contact us about an issue or
concern then having an account also makes this process easier too!

However, most importantly is the SqwishLand Reward Point Program!
Once you have a account every $1 spent
earns you 5 REWARD POINTS! Your account will automatically keep
track of all your purchases and Reward Points. While logged into
your account your Reward Points will be displayed in the top right corner
of the Shop. Reward Points can be redeemed for discounts and
FREE SqwishLand Products!