Social Media

How Can I earn Points without spending Money?

There are several other ways your account can
earn Reward Points, Discounts, and even FREE Products!

You can submit a review by selecting any product on the SqwishLand
Shop and submitting a review this can earn you 10 Reward Points!
(Once approved by a SqwishLand Moderator)*

You can also submit a review on your own social media site and submit
the link under the product review. By doing this and adding photos or a
video review of you enjoying a SqwishLand product you can earn up to
100 Reward Points per Product!
(Once approved by a SqwishLand Moderator)*

We love hearing from our customers! We love receiving letters, photos,
videos, artwork, and other amazing SqwishLand related items from our
customers. We love sharing these items with the SqwishLand Universe.

Submit these items onto your social media account and use
the #sqwishland, share it with us, email them directly to, or submit them on
We regularly pick some lucky winners to earn FREE PRIZES and
FREE REWARDS. Just for being a SqwishLand customer!!