The ULTIMATE Collector’s SqwishBag Bundle

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For the first time in SqwishLand’s History!
We offer you the ULTIMATE Collectors Bundle!
It includes the first ever Multi Region 100 count Ultimate Collection SqwishBag!
A random mix of a 100 capsules from the various regions of SqwishLand!
Each Ultimate Collectors Bundle is guaranteed to include several ULTRA RARE SqwishLanders!
But that’s not all.
The bundle also includes The Official SqwishLand Trophy Case which allows you to display all those Soft n’ Squishy SqwishLanders like never before.
Each trophy case comes with 6 sticker sheets for a total of 22 Stickers!
This allows you to customize and personalize your Trophy Case to fit your collection.

As an added BONUS every order also comes with and additional set of 5 ULTRA RARE SqwishLanders and the Official SqwishLand Comic Book!

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY you can receive the ULTIMATE Collectors Bundle for only $64.95!

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