Sqwishland Farm Mystery Plush


For the first time in Sqwishland history, we bring to you Official Sqwishland plush!

Limited Edition Sqwishland plush features a random variety of 8 characters from the popular Sqwishland farm region: Sqwig (pig), Sqwooster (rooster), Sqweep (sheep), Sqwull (bull), Sqwow (cow), Sqworse (horse), Sqwoat (goat), and Sqwee (bee).

The Sqwishland Farm Series plush are detailed to match the signature look of each character and come in 24 regular series characters and 10 rare versions. 

Each character comes with a corresponding Adoption Tag with a QR code to bring your character to life on the popular Sqwishland App: Sqwishland Connect!

Sqwishland plush is sure to bring joy to any child’s playtime! 

*Each order will be sent a mystery character from the 24 characters above. No duplicates will be received on orders of more than one.

Build or grow your collection today!
Which surprise character will you get?


  • Vibrant colors sure to bring joy to any child’s playtime!
  • Select designs glow in the dark for added nighttime fun
  • Embroidered detailed stitching
  • Mystery characters, for unboxing fun!  styles may vary.
  • Soft and squishy material, perfect for hugs and cuddles
  • Average character Size: 11-13″